In the midst of all the chaos brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is as yet a ray of hope and trust in the business world. Indeed, there is an exit plan which assists business owners in remaining in solidarity as well as maintaining their business all the more effectively. But for that, the business’ will have to make some vital amendments that inevitably are need of the hour like pivoting on thinking in the best interests of the public, focusing on tieing in with taking their offline business online to generate more revenue and if possible embrace the new sales channels like delivering services, takeouts, etc. While this will make things easy for your clients as you will have the option to serve them at their doorstep at the comfort of their homes. Also post coronavirus lockdown there will be many businesses that will flourish at a rampant pace.  

Let us have a look at the list of such businesses that will boom once the lockdown is over:

  1. Ecommerce Marketplace

    With the worldwide spread of Coronavirus, it is quite a hard time for brick and mortar (retail outlets) businesses to discover their sustainability in the market. Fortunately, the digitized world has an answer to this issue. Such businesses have a brilliant chance to grow their client base by reaching out to them by going online and establishing their presence on different social media platforms or a website, and lift their sales. Over the past few years, you must have noticed there has been a shift from shopping in stores to shopping online at the comfort of our homes or workplaces. E-commerce is ‘COVID-proof’, coronavirus cannot affect its marketplace in anyways. So, it is time you take your business online and empower contactless deliveries now and most importantly know where to be during such crises i.e online.
  2. Deliveries of Grocery, Stationery, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals

    The dread of getting exposed to the pandemic shields people from going to supermarkets, grocery stores, medical stores, or any other essential goods stores. While the stock in the homes doesn’t appear to be going on for longer now, and with the cases increasing day by day it is surely not a good idea to step out of the house until and unless very urgent. So, seeing this emergency, it is a great time for the grocery stores, stationary, dairy and pharmaceutical businesses to think and act at the moment by taking their businesses online and deliver essentials to their valued customers at the comfort of their homes and guarantee the convenient delivery of essentials goods at clients’ doorstep via contactless delivery.
  3. Take Away & Delivery at Food Joints

    Its time food joints embrace the new sales channels in full swing and mint enormous profits. With a wide range of businesses discovering ways to reach their clients’ doorstep, delivery service and takeaways are definitely going to turn into a real existence friend in need. So, if you are a food joint/cafe/restaurant owner then understand that it is not only that by following social distancing in the seating arrangement at your restaurant would help you earn revenue, you will also have to assure that you are practicing takeaways and food delivery methods in the midst of the coronavirus emergency. 
  4. Movable Food Joints like Food Trucks, Food vans, etc.

    The idea behind the flourishing of movable food joints like food trucks and food vans seems to be quite convincing as it will do justice by delivering a different choice of food options to people in their vicinity. People will not have to sit anywhere and can enjoy their soul food at the comfort of their humble abodes by a takeaway and they are then good to go.
  5. Online Education

    With educational institutions compelled to close down all over India, it has left students with no other option than to shift to online learning programs. This emergency has unquestionably set off an online blast for the education industry. According to the surveys, online education mobile application downloads spiked in March 2020, expanding about 300%. While it is assisting with adapting to the present crisis, it is likewise setting up the world for the following future. It is an extraordinary thought to build your confidence in the platform for learning. So, it is quite evident that if you provide educational services and lack an online teaching platform, then you are certainly not moving the time.
  6. Digital Marketing Services

    Digital Marketing Services will be seeing an immense blast post corona lockdown as people will realize the importance of having their business online and will know better what they had been missing all this while that was hindering their business growth. This lockdown period will also make them better understand where their audience is and by what means should they target their right audience at the right time and at the right place. Effective digital marketing strategies customized as per your requirement will play a very crucial role in bolstering your business sales post corona crisis.
  7. Home Fitness Equipment

    With all the gyms shut across India presently and no chances of being able to work out at the gym anytime soon, people will turn to home gyms as this will help them in remaining fit during and post the coronavirus situation until the gyms open back in full swing. While people are turning to the idea of home gyms there will be a huge surge in demand for home fitness equipment post lockdown.
  8. Online Fitness training 

    Gym owners don’t get distressed. This is an extremely great opportunity for you to connect with your customers and provide them with fitness training at the comfort of their homes through an online medium. There are many people out there who cannot live without their workout sessions therefore it is the best time you capitalize on this opportunity pretty well. You can start off with providing online training to your clients either in a live or recorded session by having different workout sessions and also offer customized training to people in need of it at different time slots.
  9. Online Nutrition planning

    Coronavirus has not spared any segment of the population from stranding people in its dreadful shackles be it a toddler, teenager, adult, or elderly, it has affected all. There have been speculations that it influences the old people and those with previous conditions the most. Always remember one thing, whatever your age might be it is very important that you should be healthy inside out and take care of yourselves by following the necessary precautions. During these lockdown times, people have become very considerate about their wellbeing and have started focusing on treating themselves better, which brings them searching for a good nutritionist that can help achieve their health goals. People can join hands with their choice of experienced nutritionist online and can avail of their valuable services and feedback. Also, post lockdown or amid lockdown people out there will be looking to improve their lifestyle hence it is a great opportunity for nutritionists/dietitians to maintain their presence on social media platforms and reach out to their audience at the right place at the right time.
  10. Online Counselling

    During these gloomy times, people are seeking hope. Many individuals will have lost a ton from this pandemic, particularly those in the regions most hit. Just like all our four fingers are not the same, likewise, the emotions and temperaments of people also tend to vary from one person to another. Individuals will require inspiration, reassuring, or religious support amidst such times therefore it is subsequently an open door for the counselors, motivators, and faith management experts to ascend. You have a message and commitment to serve and to help people as they go through one of the most decimating global happenings we have found in the course of our life.

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