Why do you think startups these days close up even before they get a single sale?. It’s all because they are not willing and not considerate about the things that are taking over the market today. Now, what is the definition of a market for you?.

Basically, it’s a place where you reach out to your customers to sell your product and create a reputation and a healthy relationship with them. But that’s just restricted to a particular place and doesn’t have a universal approach. So, where to find such place where there you are not bound to any restrictions? – Social Media. Its evident that social media already has taken over the lives of people and some businesses are still being skeptic about utilizing it in an optimum way.

And just like any other thing Social Media also has gone through so many changes and transitions which has caused a major transformation in the marketing strategies that businesses use on social media for their product or their brand. Today, content is what rules social media because it is cheap, accessible and easily captures the minds of the people which keeps them engaged.

This opportunity of creating content online has already taken a kick start and is booming and the people who create these content are called influencers. Now, since these people have the trust and approval from the audience, even the businesses want that trust and approval from their audience. So, what they do is hire these people to market their product and brand through their content and the little stardom they have. That’s what’s called “influencer marketing”.

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