Influencer Marketing has already taken the advertisement and marketing industry by storm and has started piling up those building blocks for its foundation in revolutionizing the strategies used by businesses to convince their customers to buy from them. Now, People are awakened from their deep slumber of deception and have stopped falling for the same old traditional tactics of marketing, unless the product really worked its magic and helped people in a good way.

This awakening in a way may be caused by the social media but social media itself has the solution to it for businesses. These days we can find influencers who have massive followings and engagement for the content they create or the talent they have which really intrigues and engages people and keeps them entertained. These people have really gained that respect and loyalty from their audience, but what now?. This is where influencer marketing was born. Businesses now have realized the significance of these influencers and have started to hire them in order to promote their product or brands as their recommendation for the product to their audience seems more reliable to the customers than anything in this world right now.

Businesses can now hire these influencers to promote their products or brand as they are much more engaging and entertaining for the audience because of the content they create regularly. Even a mention of a product on their interesting content like videos or photos can turn out to be a great boost for the conversion or Sales for any company. Marketing strategists have already predicted that it won’t be long when this bomb of influencer marketing will explode and take over everything in the marketing scene. I don’t know it will happen or not but I am sure that influencer marketing is here to stay and for a long time from now.

And if we talk about the social media marketing, yes, it is flourishing but how long will it?. That’s the question. Social Media Marketing can still flourish but influencer marketing is already a billion-dollar industry in itself and it hasn’t been long since influencer marketing has come on the scene but has a great impact already. Influencer marketing has seen rapid growth in businesses becoming so much interested in investing on it and they have considered keeping a space for influencer marketing too in their marketing budget nowadays.

One Reason Influencer marketing is so much more effective than any other marketing strategy is that you can find influencers who particularly create content related to your niche business. Influencers today are no less than a Wizard who can cast magical spells for businesses on the social media and different online platforms to sell their product or brand. They are like the digital PR of this generation because they are making brands and products likable among their audience. They may have a different way of doing things but it works because they understand the social media algorithms of what people are doing and watching in social media. They sometimes are the trendsetters.

Today anybody can become an influencer, literally anybody. I was going through my IG and I stumbled upon this guy who makes silly videos of him stealing from shops or doing crazy things in the street and creating nuisance around the community. But this has become a trend now because this is considered cool and sort of portrays ‘thug life’ which is a trend these days. Yes, he is an influencer now with about 3 million followers and has all brands dying to market their product through him. Influencer Marketing has really given a big blow to the unemployment crisis already but it doesn’t mean you have to become a thief and make a nuisance out there. As these guys really get arrested by the police.

Ad campaigns on social media, print or any electronic platforms have become unappealing to the audience now and they are fed up with it. Instead, they would block or skip the ads because blocking an ad online has become popular and so easy for everyone now. In a recent survey 47% of the online consumers, today use Ad blockers and it’s already alarming for businesses. Now they must make major changes in their marketing model and consider influencer marketing an important solution to all of it. As audience do not ignore their favorite personalities and they don’t mind even if that person is trying to earn some money as they think that he/ she deserves it for the hard work they put on their content. So, influencer marketing is really ahead of the game now.


Now with online platforms like HYPR and other platforms, finding an influencer has become really easy for businesses. These platforms index the social media information to understand which type of people follow which type of influencers. So, now businesses can easily find their influencers in seconds who create content or talk about things related to your niche business. They can target interests, demographics, and everything related to the audience activities on social media. Such innovations have made influencer marketing very much convenient for everybody in this industry.

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