As requisite lockdowns and restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, numerous restaurants are baffled on how to manage their restaurant business post-COVID-19 pandemic. There are quite a lot of things that might be coming up in the minds of restaurant owners at this time like pivoting to online ordering, offering gift voucher deals, and several other different methods for boosting revenue.

All these measures are valid, but you need to put in a little extra effort and start thinking out of the box on how you can ensure the safety of your guests thereby minting enormous profits post corona lockdown simultaneously. While it might feel like you’re scrambling now, it’s additionally vital to begin making a strategic plan for how to carry forward the operations further when all this is over and you will be able to reopen your restaurant just like normal days.

As the curve begins to flatten, each state will come up with new strategies to eliminate the quarantine phase and permit people to visit their cherished restaurants once more like previous times. So, check out and discover these top 8 tips on the best way to remain in business now and get ready for a full reviving once the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end.

1. Be Well-Prepared

Now that you are reopening your restaurant post lockdown you will have to work a bit offbeat than usual. Your already existing customers or new guests will be having a lot of expectations from you both in terms of good food quality and impeccable premises sanitization. In order to ensure the same, you need to sanitize your restaurant at regular intervals daily thereby ensuring to your guests that their safety is of utmost importance to you.

2.  Spread Awareness on measures taken by you to prevent COVID-19 Spread

Let your guests know about the increased disinfecting and hygiene protocols you’ve adopted post lockdown and spread awareness on measures taken by you to prevent the COVID-19 spread by posting videos of your sanitized and germ-free restaurant on your social media channels and help your customers know that you are also as much concerned about their safety and well being as they themselves are. Also, make your visitors aware of the closed hours while you are busy deep cleaning your restaurant premises. 

3. Practice Social Distancing in the seating arrangement

After this lockdown is over, things won’t quickly return to the manner in which they were. Visitors will even now be careful about getting excessively near outsiders and as a restaurant owner, it’s important to ensure everybody feels great coming into your eatery. This incorporates keeping up an exacting cleaning system, yet additionally keeping some social distancing set up between the tables. Also, you should carry on this practice of social distancing for a little while, until things get back to normal.

4. Maintain Hygiene by following precautionary measures

Besides maintaining proper restaurant hygiene, ensure that you do not fail in monitoring the hygiene of your staff on a daily basis. Follow these precautionary measures:

    • Get Door handles sanitized on regular intervals
    • Ensure that the temperature screening of our employees is done every day.
    • Also, masks, head cover caps, and gloves are being worn by the entire staff especially serving staff as a precaution.
    • Proper Hand Washing and Sanitizing Procedures are followed by the staff.
    • Assure that the kitchen area is sanitized at regular intervals and is germ-free. 
    • Food is served in sterilized utensils

5. Embrace new Sales Channels

The COVID-19 pandemic for sure is going to shift the entire dynamics of the restaurant industry. You will now have to embrace new sales channels like takeouts or home deliveries ensuring zero-contact delivery. These two practices will be very helpful post lockdown in revenue generation. 

6. Build up your Digital Marketing Game

Strengthen the online presence of your restaurant by promoting your new sales channels i.e takeaways and home deliveries. Also, create awareness amongst the people by engaging with them via any online medium i.e either with a website showing regular updates and ongoing offers, or with social media, etc. You can practice the below-mentioned techniques:

    • Create a guest list which has contact details of the guests and keep on updating them about the ongoing and upcoming events and offers through social media.
    • Keep your guests updated with the Dish of the Day or if there are any new insertions in the menu. Here’s a tip start off with a limited menu post lockdown.
    • Promote your new sales channels i.e takeaways & home deliveries on social media

7. Provide offers, discounts, or gift cards

Post lockdown you will certainly have to frame some amazing deals and offers and offer them to your visitors or for those ordering food online at the comfort of their home. Plan out on some combos including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and happy hours for drinks and also give discounts on a-la-carte etc. This technique never fails to increase the footfall and also helps in customer retention provided you are not compromising on the food quality.

8. Invite Influential people

People tend to trust the famous personalities of the town. So, try to invite some influential people within your local area and post their picture of relishing delicious cuisines at your restaurant on different social media channels, this will undeniably aid you in gaining the trust of your existing and potential customers and will bring in more customers and hence huge profits.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks post lockdown for your restaurant business, you will certainly witness a significant rise in the sales figures plus you will be having many new customers now than you had before as you are working for the people by taking care of their safety and well being and your guests will surely adore this fact.

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